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Ryobi 18V Trim Router Base Plates

Ryobi 18V Trim Router Base Plates

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These trim router base plates come in multiple sizes, allowing you to tailor your router to your situation and personal preference! They are laser cut from 1/4" cast acrylic and are slightly thicker than the OEM base. 

The tombstone shape is 4” by 8” giving you a slim profile, but also allowing for more control and a more stable base. With the Ryobi trim router, this is also indexable at 90° increments to help get the best position available. These fit Ryobi 18v cordless trim routers, part number PCL424B

We also offer a 6.25” square and a 8.25” square.

These base plates can assist with rabbits, dado joints, inlays, and more. Custom sizes and shapes can easily be created, along with custom markings for layout assistance, branding, or gag gifts. 

***Check back for more sizes, shapes, and router options, or feel free to add your email address to the page below to be notified of new products!***

 All plates will ship covered in their protective paper or plastic film and will include any needed hardware if they do not use the stock hardware.

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