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5 Cats Custom Crafts

Acrylic Router Templates

Acrylic Router Templates

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These 5 Cats Custom Crafts Acrylic Router templates are laser cut from 1/4" cast acrylic and ready for you to put to work!

They come with their protective backings installed and can be used with it on still, or with it removed to allow you to vision your project more easily. 

Nearly all corners, inside and out, have been set to a 1/4" radius for ease of use with multiple flush trim router bits

Pair these with a 5 Cats Custom Craft trim router plate and get busy cranking out something custom for someone special!

Custom shapes can be ordered as well! Send an e-mail for a quote on your custom design!

Style Descriptions

Yin Yang - Measures 9.5" round with a 5/8" dividing center and border. 

8" or 10" tear drop is an 8"or 10" circle with added corner and a 1.125" finger hole. 

Board 1 measures 13.5" wide and 7.4" tall with a 1.125" hole in the handle. 

Board 2 measures 16" wide by 7" tall with a 1" hole in the handle. 

Board 3 measures 20.4" wide and 8" tall with a 1.5" hole in, and resembles a swoosh. 

8" and 10" hexagon's measure 8 or 10" across the flats and have a hexagonal 1.125" hole.

Round end SM board measures 12" wide and 8" tall with a 1.2.5" hole.

Round end LG board measures 15" wide and 10" tall with a 1.125" hole. 

12" x 8" oval has a 1.5" hole. 

Paint Pal 1 measures 10" x 8". 

Paint Pal 2 measures roughly 12.2" x 10.76". 

4" coaster set has a 4" circle, 4" square, 4" hexagon across its flats, and a 4" pentagon measuring from one flat to one point, all with .25" radius corners. 

All measurements are +/- .050" due to laser kerf. 

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